Good bye, Not Farewell

We’ve gone to a level where we no longer need to be on each other’s milestones. Are we maturing or just drifting apart?

Both I guess.

I am forced to mature to start living a life that does not center around you. As you say, which is only normal.

And you, are drifting apart from me. I know it well. This feeling is all too familiar.

I can only be thankful enough that both are happening at the same time. At least perhaps by the time you completely leave me, I have matured enough to know how to live a life with you.

Open Letter to my Husband’s Malanding Coworker v2.0

A woman’s intuition often than not is always right. But a wife’s instinct is never wrong. I for one, am not a jealous-type, but when I say some girl is bad news, she is bad news.


An open letter from a wife to a flirtatious woman has been circulating lately; you can read it here. But as much as I want to relate to this letter, I can’t entirely; I had to write my own which is more fit for the recent situation my hubby and I encountered.


Here goes:

Dear Woman Who Flirts ‘at’ My Husband,

I hope it’s clear to you now that this whole flirting thing you do is one-sided. Notice how I used ‘at’ instead of ‘with’? My husband clearly doesn’t want you. He has told you that countless times by now and if you were smart enough, you would do the proper thing to do. It’s not because he’s already a married guy, he just doesn’t like you. Not now. Not ever. Even if he were single, he wouldn’t even consider being with you.

So please, spare yourself some shame. Move on.

I think you already know you’re pretty. And if you work on your values, even better. You’ll find someone better for you. Someone you deserve. Someone who’s yours alone.

But as for my husband, sorry na lang teh. Akin lang sya. At ako lang ang gusto nya. And nothing you do can ever snatch him away from me.

So please, stop. Just stop!

Sayang eh… Maganda ka sana, malandi lang.



Annoying how b*tches can be b*tchy and legal wives have to be classy. But we can be territorial if need be. I hope I never have to get to that.


Thankfully, I have a great husband who protects me from that pain and shame, but sometimes there are glitches/pests/virus/whatever that happen just like that girl. Haha. So yeah, for now this letter is as confrontational as I can get. For now.  >;)

Missing You

I hate missing somebody. If you can only quicken the flow of time, you would. So the two of you will be together again.

But will you?

You see the cruel thing about missing someone is that it is usually one-sided. Coz if the other end is missing you too, you wouldn’t have to be missing each other at all.

You would have already been together.

Right then. And there.

Coz if you trully miss someone, you would have gone through great lengths just to be together.

Don’t you think?


I never liked being at the center of attention.

Or I never was at the center of attention.

Or I just don’t have what it takes to be at the center of attention.

And I don’t care.

I am usually the type that blurts out my thoughts, simply because I like putting them out there, regardless if people will care or listen. Let’s just say, I am an open book.

And though most people may find that annoying, since my personality is not one to be found “cool” or “in” or whatever with today’s generation, there are those who still listen anyway.

Those who trully utterly care.

Those who trully matter.

My family. My friends.

So I just don’t understand this young person we know in social media, who is quite popular I might say, but has the tendency  to post things which ‘it‘ (since I don’t want to hint whether it is a boy or girl) hopes people will like, not simply because it likes to post them. Why or how do I say so? ‘Coz any post that doesn’t reach a hundred likes gets deleted the following day. And I find that sad. Really. Why? Why does it have to do that? Why must/do we do that?

Social Media, as I’d like to think, should be used to connect to people. Not just to crave attention and count likes. So regardless if a post reaches a hundred likes or zero, it shouldn’t matter.

I post because at the time it was my mood, my thought, my experience; and my decision to delete or keep something on my wall should not be based on the number of likes it garnered. It may be perhaps because I simply had a change of mind, or heart too.

But of course don’t get me wrong. A hundred likes or more is always a happy thing. But more than the popularity it associates to, I just simply like the idea that people haven’t hidden me from their news feeds yet — despite me being an annoying TMI or something like that.

Yes, I like it. Not because it makes me feel popular, but simply because to me it means that these people — my family and friends, still care and listen to what I have to say.

And even if they don’t, my low EQ would still post my heart and mind out there anyway. 😉

So before I end my post tonight, let me leave with you with this video that I saw from Ditch the Label’s Facebook page:


And this. From Bright Side and Miss Borderline:




Real Talk

There are situations we never want to be in. In life. Not ever. Never.

The loss of a job.
The end of friendship.
The divorce of a marriage.
The death of a loved one.

These among others are life circumstances we want to avoid. Some are inevitable. Some may be avoided, but not always.

The sad fact of reality is that, it bites. No really, it bites.

Each of us has either gone through or is going through something, that if we had a choice, we wouldn’t accept in the first place.

A situation of regret.
A situation of what if’s.
A situation of wishful thinking.

But it’s there. It’s happening.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

Jesus Himself said that in this world, we will have many troubles.

But you know what? He also said that He has overcome the world for us.

So whatever you are going through right now, know that you are not alone.

God is with you.


I know I can never do it alone. I’m just happy I know I can have God by and on my side.